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US Armor Group’s Executive Team’s background include former Elite Military Special Operation and Law Enforcement Special Unit members, giving us the ability to address the threats our clients face anywhere across the planet. Our team and network consists of public-private partnerships with government, defense and security contractors.

Founder & CEO

Jeffrey Engen

Jeff is a seasoned expert in Risk Management and Threat Mitigation, bringing a wealth of experience in surveillance, counter-surveillance, advanced AI technology, weapon and explosive detection systems, structural fortification, armored vehicle design and manufacture, and the utilization of non-lethal weapon systems.

At 20, Jeff's law enforcement trajectory began with his graduation from the Ventura County Sheriff's Reserve Police Officer Academy, a feat he accomplished while balancing full-time college studies. Distinguished as the top graduate, Jeff later returned to the Academy as a Tactical Officer, contributing to the training of Recruit Officers. He concurrently served as a Reserve Police Officer for the Simi Valley Police Department. Jeff's academic pursuits culminated in Departmental Honors in Sociology and the Administration of Justice, earning him a Bachelor of Science degree. His achievements led to his recruitment by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) at the age of 22.

Jeff's tenure at the LAPD encompassed nearly 15 years on an FBI Fugitive Task Force, a collaboration targeting high-profile fugitives across the United States and Mexico. His role involved specialized training with the LAPD's SWAT Team, the Special Investigation Section (SIS), and elite detective units from the LAPD and FBI. Jeff's expertise extended in assisting with the training of FBI agents in advanced surveillance and covert operations.

After a distinguished two-decade service with the LAPD, Jeff ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Black Hawk Protection Group. He also established an armoring company focused on lightweight armored vehicles for diverse clientele, including law enforcement, government agencies, celebrities, and VIPs. These ventures culminated in the creation of US Armor Group, a global leader in Threat Mitigation.

Jeff is also the Founder / CEO of Swift Jets.

Senior Operational Advisor- Partner

Joe Vega

Retired Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Joe Vega brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the US Armor Group while also serving as Deputy Director of the National Center for Urban Operations (NCUO) at Fort Hamilton, NY. The NCUO is a distinguished, nonpartisan, and nonprofit research organization committed to providing critical expertise and insights to leaders navigating complex urban environments. They provide astounding support for national security, public safety, and urban resiliency initiatives.

CSM (Ret) Vega's illustrious military career commenced with the elite 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. He further honed his skills in the prestigious 7th Special Forces Group, excelling as a Sniper and Team Sergeant. His exceptional performance led to his recruitment by the renowned Special Operations Unit, Delta Force. Over a span of 20 years, he served as a Special Mission Unit Operator in the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, also known as Delta Force, where he played a pivotal role in numerous critical operations.

His strategic acumen and operational experience were further leveraged when he co-founded and served as the Senior Operational Advisor to the U.S. Asymmetric Warfare Group. In this capacity, CSM (Ret) Vega was instrumental in leading Integrated Solution Teams, focusing on future conflict scenarios in Multi-Domain Operations, including Subterranean Warfare and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

CSM (Ret) Vega possesses an extensive array of skills, specializing in high-threat protective services, physical security, and vulnerability assessments worldwide. Currently, he is a sought-after expert providing advanced training solutions to military forces and law enforcement agencies globally. His areas of expertise cover irregular warfare, counterterrorism, protection of high-value assets, and addressing emerging global security challenges.

Senior Operation Adviser - Executive Protection Division


Ray brings a distinguished background in Presidential Protection, Intelligence, and Threat Mitigation to our team. With years of experience in close contact protection for three former U.S. Presidents, his expertise is unparalleled. Ray's career spans various roles, including serving in the protection details for high-ranking government officials.

Recognized for his proficiency in intelligence and interrogation, Ray has worked closely with major U.S. agencies. His responsibilities have included engaging in critical skills used for Red Team Operations.

At our organization, Ray applies his extensive knowledge and experience to advise on operational strategies and security matters. His insights are invaluable in shaping our approach to complex security challenges.

Due to the sensitive nature of Ray's previous assignments, we respect his privacy and confidentiality.

Senior Operation Adviser - Executive Protection Division

Bryon Rodgers II

Byron Rodgers, a distinguished Marine Corps combat veteran, serves as the CEO of Bravo Research Group, bringing with him over a decade of expertise in executive protection and security management. His background is fortified with a Master's degree in Forensic Psychology and extensive experience in high-stakes security operations across 60 + countries.

Byron's clientele is notably diverse, including celebrities, CEOs, religious leaders, and political figures, all of whom have depended on his skill in ensuring their safety through customized security solutions. Rodgers is renowned for his commitment to building enduring relationships and delivering unparalleled service. As the founder of the Executive Protection Lifestyle brand and podcast, he has disseminated his profound insights and best practices, nurturing a community dedicated to excellence in the executive protection field. His dedication to the industry is further exemplified by his establishment of the League of Executive Protection Specialists, a leading training institution focused on elevating standards and developing new talent in executive protection. Leadership is a fundamental aspect of Rodgers' professional ethos.

He has been at the forefront of global security operations since 2008, expertly managing all facets of private security details, including strategic planning, digital strategy, vendor relations, and customer service. His leadership extends to maintaining rigorous training standards, overseeing budgets, and the implementation of effective policies and procedures.

With a unique blend of military discipline, forensic psychology insights, and executive protection knowledge, Byron Rodgers stands out as a leader in the security industry. He is dedicated to ensuring the utmost safety and tranquility for those under his protection, upholding the highest standards of excellence in every mission.

Senior Operational Advisor- Cybersecurity Division

Trent Clark

Trent’s distinguished career in Cybersecurity spans over 24 years, highlighted by his current role with the U.S. Government. He has occupied numerous nominative, meticulously selected, technical and leadership positions, often collaborating with high-profile, 3-letter agencies. This extensive experience has endowed him with a profound understanding of both the tactical and technical aspects of Cybersecurity, in both the government and civilian sector.Trent's technical portfolio is comprehensive, encompassing advanced threat and vulnerability assessments, as well as leading-edge Red Team and Blue Team strategies. He holds an Associate of Science in Information Technology from Colorado Technical University, which laid the foundational knowledge for his technical expertise. He further advanced his specialization by earning a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity from Southern New Hampshire University. Additionally, he holds a plethora of certifications, including but not limited to Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and CompTIA Security+, affirming his extensive knowledge and skills in cybersecurity.

Trent is an expert in adapting to various operational contexts. He has a proven track record of excellence working solo on sensitive assignments where precision and discretion are paramount. His ability to lead small, agile teams in high-pressure situations has been demonstrated through numerous successful missions requiring deep technical acumen and tactical prowess. Moreover, Trent is equally adept in orchestrating large-scale Cybersecurity operations, where his strategic vision and collaborative skills ensure seamless integration of efforts across multiple units and departments.

His technical work continues to span both the Department of Defense and civilian sectors, where his insights into Cybersecurity have been instrumental in enhancing organizational security postures. Trent's ability to communicate complex security concepts to diverse audiences has made him a sought-after consultant and collaborator. Trent believes in a comprehensive approach to Cybersecurity, one that encompasses not just technical solutions but also the human element. He champions the need for continuous learning and adaptation in the rapidly evolving digital landscape and encourages a culture of Cybersecurity awareness at all levels of an organization.

Looking to the future, Trent is committed to integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI and Machine Learning into Cybersecurity strategies. He is focused on developing predictive models that anticipate and neutralize threats before they materialize.

Senior Operational Advisor- Cybersecurity Division

Johnathan Bradley

John is a passionate cybersecurity professional and educator consistently brought in to solve the industry's most complex challenges. 

John brings a wealth of knowledge to the industry. His technical understanding includes advanced topics such as DevSecOps, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, and advanced Purple Team Strategies. John holds multiple industry certifications, such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), and numerous Cisco and Microsoft certifications. John has a BS in Applied Technology (Electrical Engineering) and an MS in Information Systems and Information Assurance. 

John has spent most of his career working for the Department of Defense as a uniformed service member in the US Army. Much of this time was spent supporting the engineering and sustainment of enterprise-level information systems supporting deployed and stateside US forces. In addition to his government service, John is an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland Global Campus, instructing students in cybersecurity and IT disciplines. He has conducted numerous Information Technology boot camps focusing on Cybersecurity, Computer Networking, Server Administration, and Entry-level Programming. 

In the latter half of his career, John focused on providing technical advice to senior leaders of both the US Army and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. John’s portfolio included cloud acquisitions, 5G, AI/ML, Cross Domain Solutions, and cybersecurity evaluation of multiple technologies going through the DOD acquisition process. John is comfortable and proficient at breaking down complex technology so senior leaders can make informed decisions.  

John started his cybersecurity consulting business to pass his extensive knowledge and experience to the private sector. He aims to provide industry-leading security and education to organizations facing routine and complex cybersecurity challenges. 

Senior Operational Advisor - Structural Security Division

Pete Facchini

Peter Facchini is a pioneer in the field of security and protection, currently steering ProtectED Solutions as its CEO and Co-Founder, while also serving with distinction in the Clayton County Georgia Sheriff’s Office, as well as bringing unparalleled expertise to the forefront of US Armor Group in the Structural Security Division. He brings over two decades of specialized experience in Special Operations, with a notable emphasis on Structural Fortification and Government Intelligence. His career, marked by 20+ military operations to high-threat environments and recognition for valor on four occasions, showcases his unparalleled expertise in solution development and problem-solving.

Additionally, Pete's background includes leading roles with the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG), where he spearheaded operations and intelligence fusion, counter-terrorism strategies, and advanced training programs. His expertise in conducting high-threat protective services, physical security assessments, and vulnerability analysis across the globe sets him apart as a leader in national security, public safety, and urban resilience.

Pete integrates his vast experience in direct action, small unit tactics, and sniper operations into developing cutting-edge training solutions, design, and implements innovative security solutions aimed at enhancing the safety for citizen near and abroad. His contributions to irregular warfare, counterterrorism, and global security challenges underscore his commitment to enhancing operational effectiveness and safety.

Pete's role at US Armor Group leverages his mastery and provides strategic direction, innovative approaches, tactical excellence, and strategic foresight, making him a beacon for top executives and high-value individuals, seeking to navigate the complexities of global security challenges with confidence. His leadership is pivotal in advancing the organization's mission to support leaders in complex environments.

What we stand for

Our values

Our core values serve as the compass that guides our every action and decision. We are driven by a set of unwavering principles.


We hold ourselves to uncompromising standards, pushing the boundaries of our expertise to consistently deliver exceptional results. Through continuous learning and staying ahead of potential threats, we ensure that our clients receive innovative solutions that surpass expectations.


Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to understanding your unique needs, concerns, and goals, and tailoring our strategies accordingly. Our client-centric approach means that we listen attentively, providing threat mitigation solutions that fit your needs.


Collaboration is the driving force behind our success. We believe that the collective wisdom of our diverse team leads to optimal outcomes for our clients. By fostering an environment of teamwork and open communication, we tap into the full range of expertise available within our company.

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